Ship It: Python Packaging and Distribution

If we were writing Go or Java it’d be obvious how to distribute the fruits of our labour: compile code and ship the executable. Alas, we’re into Python, where packaging and distribution is not so straightforward. We’ve got sources, distributions, eggs, wheels, native integration–it’s not easy or obvious what you’re supposed to be doing, or even what the options are.

This talk is about packaging and distributing Python code. It will cover the ecosystem’s challenges, the general approaches to solving them, a brief history of major tools, finishing with an overview of the tools that working Pythonistas are likely to encounter in 2016.

About Nathaniel Knight

Nat is Python developer who has worked in academia, financial services, and cloud tech, and has spent time in the dependency hells of at least half a dozen languages. He considers himself an intermediate-but-improving developer, is still a bit amazed that he learned his profession from the internet, and likes to hear about other developers’ experiences.