Live Coding in Python

Inspired by Bret Victor’s Inventing on Principle talk, I’ve developed an Eclipse plugin that runs your code while you type it. This lets it display variable values and looping behaviour right next to the code. Essentially, it tightens the feedback cycle so that you see the bugs as you type them.

About Don Kirkby

Don Kirkby writes Python code and other things at the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS, where researchers are developing research and treatment programs for HIV. Come talk to him if you’re interested in helping out. Don spent many years at Sierra Systems as a consultant for different clients around Vancouver. Since then he wrote controller software for precision electric motors and spent a year at Amazon before switching to the research world.

When he’s not working, Don designs board games, is on the editorial board of the Journal of Game and Puzzle Design, and has been studying Chinese for ten years. He’s always looking for collaborators, so check out his projects at Don loves programming in Python because all the interesting bits are out in the open where you can play with them.