For Our SpeakersΒΆ

Thank you to everyone who submitted a talk proposal for Vancouver Python Day 2013. We had a lot of excellent proposals and it was a challenging process to narrow down the list.

To the accepted speakers:

  • Your talk should run 25 minutes long, with 5 minutes afterwards for audience Q&A.
  • Please be aware of our code of conduct. Don’t be that person.
  • Make your slides legible.

We’ll have:

  • XGA projector with some dongles for those pesky Macs.
  • A microphone.
  • Wifi is to be confirmed, but you know how that goes at talks, maybe best to assume it won’t work.
  • If there’s any special needs, please contact us in advance of the conference.

Ideally we can:

  • Get all the slides available online somewhere.
  • Have all the slides with an appropriate license and copyright on them.

There’s no need to have all the slides written before hand, but if you’d like to send them to anyone for review please do so.

If there’s any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask Andy or Bryan.